Permaculture is the conscious design of human living environments that reflect the ecological principle that underlies nature. This principle is applied to all aspects of the human endeavour to attune civilization into the greater universal system. The result of applied permaculture design is a cultivated ecosystem that sustainably provides for all human needs, both material and non-material.

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Permaculture Education Africa (PEA)

PEA is a voluntary association of Permaculture professionals, of whom the core associates live at Berg en Dal farm, home of the KKSDPP, in Ladismith Western Cape. Kent Tahir Cooper and Alex Kruger and have worked in the field of Permaculture for twenty years each. They started and joined the KKSDPP in 1999 and 2006 respectively, and have collaborated with many other professionals in this time.

PEA Design Services

We offer a wide range of permaculture related design services for both city and farm. Our designs range from full scale permaculture site designs and ecovillage designs to smaller scale designs focused aroung different niche aspects of permaculture. We offer food forest, vegetable garden, off-grid energy, sustainable water harvesting and retrofit designs for your site. We also offer one day site visit to assess the land for sustainability and reccomend appropriate sustainable strategies for your home or farm.

Oudeberg Permaculture Farm

The farm is a 900 hectare ex-livestock operation that is undergoing transformation into a full 5 Zone Commercial Permaculture Farm since September 2014. Kent Tahir Cooper and Larissa Green have been making fast progress in implementing the mainframe design pattern which is integrated into the primary valleys that run off the main ridge of the Ouberg. There are 7 hectares of valley terraces, that have been swaled and contour ripped, to set the ideal framework for a agroecological regenerative approach to transforming the existing lucerne production into a diverse tree based production system focusing on main crops such as Nuts, Olives, Medicinal Plants, Super Foods, Bio-oils, Lucerne, Pasture, etc...

Klien Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project

The Klein Karoo Sustainable Drylands Permaculture Project (KKSDPP) is a Not-for-Profit Organisation that owns the Farm Berg-en-Dal, near Ladismith in the Klein Karoo (in the Western Cape, South Africa). The farm is the home to a community of people who run the KKSDPP whose aim is to create a model of sustainable settlement in the context of agroecology and to use the space as a training environment, using Permaculture design and principles.

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