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This website provides links to our various projects, services and courses available in the realm of permaculture design and implementation and we provide professional assistance on multiple levels to help you to establish or refine permaculture systems in your life context.

We hope to witness in our life-time the transition of our planet and our people into a REGENERATIVE culture.

Our Services



We offer high quality permaculture courses held on our permaculture farm, come and learn how to design and establish your very own permaculture system, in a simple to understand practical manner.


We run practical internships on our permaculture farm. These provide invaluable facilitated practical experiences that will teach you new skills that a course and research cannot provide. Our programs run seasonally.


We can assist you in designing your Site, whether it is a home, farm, business, community and more. We have over 30 years of experience in permaculture design in many different contexts.


Our specialty is the design and implementation of regenerative water harvesting earthworks in all contexts. We Design comprehensive escosystemic slow, spread, sink and use systems.


We can asses your property or one you wish to purchase for its full potential as a human life support system. We will highlight the challenges and opportunities inherent in the site and show you a clear and simple way forward.


We can assist you and mentor you in a wide range of site establishment contexts, from water harvesting, soil building, garden establishment, livestock integration, food forests, agroforestry and more…


We offer mentorship and support services, where we support you in your permaculture journey, which is done mainly virtually, so is an affordable approach that lets you do the design and implementation, and we assess your work.


Management is a underdeveloped aspect of permaculture, we help you integrate many of the processes of Holistic Management into your System and life. Making good decisions is critical to success in permaculture.


End the Great Reset and bring on the Greater Reset

The present state of affairs in the world can be summed up in one word “UNSUSTAINABLE”…  Every human being is affected by the current unbalanced distribution of resources around the world and the neo-capitalist model of economics is rapidly increasing the already massive gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”… This process is been deliberately engineered by the tyrannical political agenda of the “Great Reset”.

We are seeing our freedoms systematically removed and a clear cut attempt to enslave humanity into a digital prison that enforces scarcity and low quality of life on everyone. The Collective Commons is being plundered and the centralised, corporate industrial mechanistic systems of factory farms, insect proteins, GMO’s, nutrient deficient foods will be our standard fare. Small farms and businesses are been systematically and deliberately destroyed towards a totalitarianism of franchise living. These destructive centralised systems of control are only going to speed up the destruction of the rapidly declining effectiveness of the global ecosystems and frankly the entire agenda has no future.

We can change the world

This does not mean we cannot do anything about the situation, each one of us has huge potential to bring about change and inspire it in others by setting the example in our own lives, and by doing this improve the quality of our own lives as we walk along the path toward regenerative living.

With permaculture we can redesign the world, and if we establish viable models, then we have a platform to offer real solutions into the challenges we face as a species. Permaculture provides us with a way out, a means to design regenerative free ecological societies, that in the long term provide everything humans need to live harmoniously and abundantly on earth in liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is a long journey as much has to be undone before we can rebuild a better regenerative world. We need as many on board as possible to achieve this and we need to repurpose the structure and process of society through a holistic design of our beautiful planet.

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening, and it is time we all played our part in the “Greater Reset”, the massive up-welling of people and grassroots organisations and networks towards Regeneration, that is currently characterising our response to this tyranny. We are building the parallel society and permaculture offers us the ability to design and establish the quality of life that we all dream of.

How Do We Do This?

We can do it with what we have, where we are, and with those around us, by redesigning the elements that make up our world into a Regenerative pattern that enables a high quality of life for us and future generations. We can turn this around, lets do it and leave the planet in a better context than we found it.

Permaculture Design South Africa provides support towards this goal in the form of courses, consultations, regenerative services, mentorships, advice, information and in the longer term, the establishment of an Institute of Permaculture Education leading to localised networks of support.


 13 to 26 October 2024 at Oudeberg Permaculture Farm outside Montagu in the Western Cape.

We are excited to present our next PDC after taking a 18 month break from running courses on the farm. This one promises to be an excellent experience, held on a well developed permaculture farm with a huge diversity of established permaculture systems to explore, learn from and be in, facilitated by highly experienced teachers who bring you a dynamic and exciting entry into the world of permaculture. To learn more please follow the link below.

On Sanity in an Insane World

by Caitlin Johnstone

When opposing a genocide means you’re a Nazi.
When opposing nuclear brinkmanship means you love Vladimir Putin.
When opposing the looming global conflict with China means you’re a sinister propagandist for “the CCP”.
When opposing the latest imperial escalations against the latest Official Bad Guy always means you’re an appeaser of the Bad Guy and would have opposed fighting Hitler.
When your skepticism toward government and media institutions who have an extensive record of lying and propagandizing means you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.
When wanting to live in a society where everyone has enough means you’re an evil authoritarian with a despised ideology.
When believing it’s possible to have systems where humans aren’t killing the biosphere and waging insane wars while brandishing armageddon weapons at each other means you’re a silly little child who doesn’t understand how the real world works.
When these things are happening in your society, it means your society has gone stark raving insane. It means you are surrounded by lunatics, and ruled by madmen.
When so many mainstream consensus positions fail to get the most basic and obvious moral positions right, and not only fail to get them right but get them completely ass backwards, you are living in a civilization that has gone bat shit crazy.
Our civilization is crazy because the systems which govern it are crazy, and they have to drive all of us crazy to get us to consent to those systems.
The empire needs us to consent to nonstop warfare and militarism, so it propagandizes us into thinking that these things are normal and anyone who questions them is evil and suspicious.
The empire needs us to consent to the nonstop exploitation, injustice, ecocide and extraction of its brand of global capitalism, so it propagandizes us into believing these crazy things are normal, and that if you find it difficult to survive under such a system then there must be something wrong with you personally.
The empire needs us to consent to continually expanding surveillance, police militarization, internet censorship and mass-scale psychological manipulation, so it propagandizes us into thinking that anyone who opposes these things is a weird paranoid freak.
Every day our minds are being kicked around by the powerful in a whole host of ways to maintain a dystopia that is a 180-degree reversal of what a healthy civilization should look like, so it’s no wonder that we see so many mental health problems in our society. It’s no wonder we see so many mass shootings in the hub of the empire. It’s no wonder people throw so much of their lives into the vapid escapism and entertainment of mainstream culture instead of engaging politically with this mess.
They need you to be crazy, so they drive you crazy. If they can’t make you crazy, they try to convince you that you’re crazy. If they can’t convince you that you’re crazy, they try to convince everyone else that you’re crazy. Whatever it takes to keep the crazy wheels of their crazy machine rolling forward into dystopia and extinction.
How much respect should you have for such a system? How much loyalty should you have to such an empire? How seriously should you take the mainstream worldviews which regard all this madness as sanity, and regard your sanity as madness? Personally, I find it hard to play along.
Terence McKenna said “The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation.” I think of this quote often. But what we have now that we didn’t have in McKenna’s day is a widespread internet that allows us to find each other and connect with each other in a way that is without precedent.
Sometimes I feel like that’s my main role here: just to be a sane voice calling out through the internet to the others so that we can all be less alone in this lunatic civilization. To be a friend who leans in and whispers, “You’re not crazy. I see it too.”
Because often that’s all people need. In the shadow of an empire that is dedicated making you crazy and making you think you’re crazy, often all you need is someone to give you the confidence to stand by your convictions and call bullshit what it is.
If enough of us can find each other and start feeling sufficiently assured of our own sanity to take action, that just might be all it takes to start turning this thing around.

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