Permaculture Design South Africa

The present state of affairs in the world can be summed up in one word “UNSUSTAINABLE”… That means that based on our current trajectory of development we are going to run out of the resources we need to stay alive on the plant and to lead a healthy and abundant life. Every human being is affected by the current unbalanced distribution of resources around the world and the neo-capitalist model of economics is is rapidly increasing the already massive gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”…

We know that in time the whole planet is going to be facing unprecedented shortages of water, food, shelter, employment, energy, fuel, but to name a few of our challenges compounded by the rapidly declining effectiveness of the global ecosystem. Permaculture provides us with a way out, a means to design regenerative ecological societies that in the long term provide everything humans need to live harmoniously and abundantly on earth. This is a long journey as much has to be undone before we can rebuild a better sustainable world. We need everyone on board to achieve this and that includes corporate and government and community leaders, NGO’s, in-fact everyone who has an influence on the way our world is modeled. This is not going to happen easily and is going to take a big “WAKE UP” call before people shift out of established patterns and way of life.

This does not mean we cannot do anything about the situation, each one of us has huge potential to bring about change and inspire it in others by setting the example in our own lives and by doing this improve the quality of our own lives as we walk along the path towards sustainability. Permaculture can redesign the world and if we set up the models then we have a platform to offer real solutions into the challenges we face as a species. In South Africa there is very little if any incentive provide by government to support people towards a more sustainable way of living and little in the way of support networks and organisations available to people who would like to lead more sustainable and ethical lives.

Permaculture Deisgn South Africa is an attempt to provide some support in the form of courses, consultations, sustainability services, advice, information and in the longer term, the establishment of an association of Permaculture practitioners leading to localised networks of support.

This website provides links to a growing number of organisations and services available in the realm of permaculture design and we hope to grow this platform as a professional entity that will put you in touch with permaculture services in your region. If anyone is interested in being listed on this site please contact us. To be on this site you will have to have a bona-fide Permaculture Design Course Certificate and be compliant in your activities and lifestyle with the ethics and principles of permaculture.

We hope to witness in our life-time the transition of our planet and our people into a REGENERATIVE culture.

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