Permaculture Design Course

Venue – Oudeberg Permaculture Farm in Montagu 12 to 24  OCTOBER 2020

Classroom at Love Green Permaculture Ouberg.

The Love Green Urban Permaculture site at Oudeberg Permaculture Farm is a unique set-up in the South African context, where genuine commercial scale Regenerative farming operations that a properly established permaculture systems can be counted on one hand.

Please have a look at the pages on this website for details of the farm itself, which has been under transformation into a Regenerative farm since late 2014 and progress has been rapid and highly effective. There is still much to be done before all niches in the system are filled and the system reaches maturity but at this stage, it is a thriving and diverse system with a range of interesting elements and systems that can be transferred into any permaculture context.

The site will be the base for the course and will provide all the training systems, examples and practical sites we require. Because it is a productive farm most of the food on the course will be produced from the systems and participants will have the unique opportunity to live in and interface with a broad range of ecosystemic production systems and infrastructures.

The course will be a residential course, meaning all staff and students will be living together on the farm in our range of accommodation options, which will allow us to build a small ecological learning community for 2 weeks, giving everyone a sense of life in a permaculture system. All meals will be provided as it is a fully catered course, which will be vegetarian and organic. The menus are designed to use seasonal food, to keep energy levels high and people a healthy opportunity to live off conscious cooking by Conscious Food Master, Larissa Green.

There is a range of accommodation options from comfortable cottage stay in restored earth buildings to tented camping, aimed to suit all budgets. The accommodation area is well integrated into close proximity to the hub of the farm and the training area, keeping everyone together in a community context. Please read further down the page for various options and pricing.

The course is alcohol-free and all personal care items will be provided for as we do not allow any non-organic personal care products or alcohol onto the farm. See this as an opportunity to experience conscious living, a doorway into a post-consumer society. If people wish to go out and have a drink or a meal then Montagu is an easy 20-minute drive away, along a good road.

We will be involved in practical design tasks as well as implementing a food forest on the course, with the farm providing a wide diversity of contexts to learn directly from.

Implementing a Food Forest during a course

COSTS – permaculture design course (PDC)

The thirteen-day course costs are R11 000 which includes the following…

– Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner & teas

– Flashdrive with course data pre-loaded., course materials, & field trips.

– Accommodation costs are not included (See below)

 Course Accommodation at Oudeberg

  • Most accommodation is shared unless you want to camp. There is only one single unit available. The shared accommodation is single gender unless for a couple so availability will also be determined by first in bookings. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Camping can also accommodate couples and we have two rooms that can be either twin or a double.
  • We supply fitted sheets and some extra blankets are available.
  • All other bedding must be brought with and there is an option to rent a bedding set (only 3 available at R50/d) for the duration of the course.
  • Please bring your own towels.
  • Basic organic and biodegradable hair and bodywash and toothpaste will be provided. Please ensure all other products are organic and biodegradable (sunscreen etc)
  • Please bring organic and biodegrable soap for laundry- handwash option only.
  • Ablutions are shared with outdoor showers and dry composting toilets.
  • All rooms are solar powered and there will be dedicated charging stations. This is limited to computers and small electronic devices and batteries.
  • Please ensure you have a good torch with rechargeable batteries.
  • As all meals are catered for, please limit the amount of food you bring on site and ensure you have a well-sealed container that can hold all your snacks.
  • All buildings are shoeless except the toilets.

How to book your accommodation:

  • Submit your course registration form first.
  • You will receive the accommodation information and form via email.
  • Once you have paid your course tuition deposit, please submit this form via email and we will reserve your accommodation subject to choice availability and you will be issued with an accommodations invoice for a separate payment. This needs to be settled in full one calendar month prior to the course start date or immediately if booked after this date. Payments prior to this date are refundable, thereafter only if a replacement booking is found.

Please take note of the following: Accommodation is for 13 nights.

  • This is a separate booking and payment
  • You need to arrive on Sunday afternoon before the course.
  • All your meals from arrival until the course ends the following Saturday at about 6 pm are included in your course payment.
  • Should you wish to stay over after the course you need to book this as extra as per rate below for your option
  • Meals for Saturday night and Sunday morning will be an additional charge of R100.
  • Everyone must bring their own bedding and towels-we provide a flat sheet only
  • We provide basic organic and biodegradable toiletries
  • Weather permitting, you will be able to have a laundry load in the machine mid-course, we provide laundry soap.

Bedding: If traveling with bedding is difficult, we have some bedding sets available to use at R650 for the course. No towels. Please book this.

Camping (7 spots ) R1000

extra night R75

can accommodate couples or shared

Bring your own tents ( no large tents)  and all other camping gear. No cooking allowed. Please ensure you have warm bedding and bring all your pegs etc

Shared accommodation 1 (5 spots incl couples) R1700

          extra night R130

          can accommodate couples in 1 room

Shared accommodation 2 (5 spots incl couples) R1300

             extra night R100

            can accommodate couples in 1 room                   

Single room R2250

           extra night R175

You have the option to stay over on the last day of the course and you will need to book this as an extra. A light dinner and a light breakfast will also be served at R60 per meal. Please remember to add this to your booking.


Because space is at a premium in the training environments we will only be taking 20 participants. Please pay your deposit upon booking, we do not take bookings without a deposit as it makes it impossible to plan and prepare for the course from our side.

Once you have booked we will forward you an email with the invoice and banking details for your deposit.

Should you wish any information before booking please email and we will answer any queries you may have. 

Your place is confirmed ONLY on receipt of your deposit. Your deposit covers the implementation costs of the course. Deposits are only refundable up to 1 Month before the course. If you cancel after this date, and we are able to place someone else on the course to take your place, we will refund your deposit.  The course fills up quickly and generally a month before the course it is full and you will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations. If you are on the waiting list you will not be required to pay a deposit until your space is confirmed by a cancellation.

Please contact us by email as this is most easily accessed by us on the farm.  If you cannot mail, please try the number below:

(023) 111 0042 (if you get the answering machine, please leave a message)


Permaculture Education Africa PDC 12 - 24 October 2020

Thank you for your enquiry about our course. We need a bit of information from you so that your course will run smoothly, and we will be able to accommodate your needs.

After you complete and submit the form below, we will send you the invoice for your deposit. If for some reason you haven’t hear from us within 48 hrs, please contact us telephonically to confirm your electronic form submission reached us.

Please note: your place on this course is only confirmed with the receipt of your deposit. Your deposit is due upon booking. Bookings without a deposit are not accepted by us.

If for any reason we cancel the course, you will be refunded in full.

If you cancel within the month of the course starting, and we are unable to replace your space, we will retain the deposit to cover basic course costs incurred.

Many thanks

The Love Green Permaculture Team

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