Permaculture & Regenerative Living Course

Learn to get off the Grid and grow your own food, generate your own electricity, harvest your own water and design your reality into self-reliance and abundance… The course is held in a well established permaculture farm where everything that is covered in the course can be interacted with and experienced first hand. The ultimate teacher is the permaculture system itself.

Booking is closed for this course. Next course is a Urban Permaculture Course held in Cape Town, March 2024

We have responded to a pressing need to run a shorter format permaculture course that covers all the basics without the deep dive and time consuming process of a Permaculture Design Course. The course is run over 5 days so that people who are pressed for time can learn all the basics of permaculture in the context of a thriving permaculture farm. The dynamic facilitation approach and the immense benefit that comes from interacting with a established permaculture, will ensure that you head home, inspired, excited, with an excellent startup toolkit to get you on the roll towards thrivability.


This course is focused on training you how to become self-reliant in all the basic needs of life and how begin the process of developing a parallel reality that is free as possible from the centralised control grid. This course focuses on helping you design and transform your home into a regenerative, off-grid, self-reliant life support system that will ensure your continued thrivablity in the face of the current breakdown of society.


The Permaculture Course is run as a residential course hosted by Love Green Permaculture at Oudeberg Permaculture Farm in the Klein Karoo. To learn more about the teaching environment, which is a fully functioning Permaculture Farm, follow the link below.


The core of permaculture has always been in supplying a design toolkit for human habitation. This toolkit helps the designer to model a design based on an observation of how ecosystems interact combined with human needs and vision. This enables a synergy between humanity and the natural order.

A good understanding of permaculture enables the development of integrated systems thinking and design skills that can be applied to any situation in any part of the world. This Permaculture course will develop a range of principles, ethics, and skills at your disposal that can be applied to developing an abundant, high quality of life in harmony with nature.


Take a virtual tour of Oudeberg Permaculture Farm and see our diverse production systems, ranging from homesteading food security to commercial scale agroforestry and much more. Please click on the link below for our Permaculture VLOG page.


Arrivals start at 3pm Saturday 21 October, departure at 9:30 am Friday 27 October.

The course process begins on Saturday evening and finishes late on Thursday afternoon.

All booking inquiries can be emailed to Larissa Green

All course content inquiries can be emailed to Kent Cooper

The course is limited to 14 participants so early booking is advised to secure your spot.


R7000 per person excluding accommodation.

Included: 5 days full tuition, all training materials are provided.

All meals and morning/afternoon teas included.

Meals are organic, wholefood, vegan and vegetarian. Special dietary needs can be accommodated only if pre-arranged and may incur a surcharge.

Please bring a flash drive or external hard drive of at least 35 gigs, to download course resources, which includes movies, date, course presentations and more.

Please note the course and the farm are meat and alcohol free.


Includes 6 nights’ accommodation

Camping (5 spots) R420 pp : Bring own tent and gear, bedding and towels

Caravan R720 (2 spots): Bring own bedding and towels

Shared accommodation (7 spots- yes there is one single room FCFS) R1600: Bedding and towels provided.

Ablutions are shared and off-grid

Shared accommodation is allocated according to gender and unless otherwise requested.

Shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash, and toothpaste is provided. Please only bring and use biodegradable products.

Hosts and Facilitators

Larissa Green: Co-Host, Catering & Admin

I have spent the last 20 years adopting and integrating regenerative practices into my life.
One of my primary focuses in my healing journey was on the quality and kinds of food I ate.
As a qualified chef, I changed my eating and consumer ways and began teaching others about organic and wholefoods. I published “Love Green Food, cooking and eating with
consciousness” in 2008.

Since then I have moved off- grid, living a rural farm life and raising a family with Tahir. In 2009 I adopted a vegetarian diet and stopped drinking alcohol. I felt a strong guidance to raise my children vegan since birth. Permaculture is integrated in our life
as a design and management tool for our farm, and most importantly supports our off-grid, regenerative and high vibrational life we seek. I love being close to pristine nature with my family and exploring the wonders of the cosmic universe. I am excited and honoured to welcome people to our home for our courses and retreats.

Kent Tahir Cooper: Co- Host and Lead Facilitator

Tahir and has been practicing permaculture for the last 30 years. He started his permaculture journey in the sub-tropics of Kwa-Zulu-Natal where he established and ran the peri-urban grassroots permaculture project Gardens for Africa, a hectare of intensive urban permaculture which supported a range of local organisations in materials and training in permaculture. In 2003 he moved the Klien Karoo where he founded the Berg en Dal Farm Permaculture Training Center which, he left in 2014, to establish and run Oudeberg Permaculture Farm with his wife Larissa Green. There they have developed a dynamic and productive commercial scale permaculture farm, which is the host venue for the courses they run together. You can find out more about the farm on this website.

Tahir has been teaching permaculture related courses since 1995 and has facilitated 27 PDC’s and a wide range of regenerative living related courses from Eco-village Design to Permaculture in disadvantaged communities. Tahir is a professional Permaculture Design Consultant, designing a wide diversity of permaculture systems ranging from small-scale urban gardens, eco-villages, farms to regional level marginalised community action plans, established  community projects and non-governmental organisations, consulted on ecological restoration and land rehabilitation projects. Tahir specialises in farm design and management with particular skill, experience and success in establishing regenerative water harvesting and use systems from small to large scale that drought proof properties and enable water resilience.

Tahir has a Diploma in Permaculture Design and Education from the The Permaculture Institute in the USA, various Permaculture Related Qualifications from respected practitioners such as Geoff Lawton {PDC}, Max Lindigger {Ecovillage Design} and Ali Sharif {Regenerative Water Harvesting Infrastructures} plus a degree in Geography, a post grad course in Ethnobotany and more. Tahir brings this vast experience and knowledge into the course environment, delivering a high-quality transfer of knowledge, skills and intuitive understanding of permaculture producing high standard graduate designers.

Saskia Schelling: Facilitator

Saskia believes there is a way to live abundantly and in harmony with the earth no matter what the current circumstances! She embodies this way of being and loves to share her experiences.

Over the past 10 years Saskia has regenerated her urban family home into a thriving abundant and functional permaculture farmstead. In the process she has transformed the poor nutrient depleted base soil into a healthy diverse one able to support fruit trees, herbs , a broad selection of vegetables, and even budding side-line businesses during this time. She has run urban resilience and permaculture related workshops for both children and adults; started an online nursery supplying locals with seeds and plants grown on site; and helped friends to design and implement their own urban food forests.

Saskia completed a Permaculture Design course with Kent Tahir Cooper and Alex Kruger in 2016.

Saskia has a degree majoring in Economics and Organizational Psychology; she attended the Waldorf Primary school teaching diploma course; and is a qualified yoga teacher with 8 years teaching experience running her own studio. Saskia’s prior working life experience has included people-orientated positions working for both large corporates and smaller NPO’s in Consulting, Personnel Recruitment, teaching, and customer service capacities.
Saskia loves to bring a people-centric approach to facilitation as she passionately strives to connect people to the earth, and to highlight the importance of regenerative economic and social practices in our drive to thrive.

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