We offer a range of services in the field of permaculture design, regenerative farming, site assessment, both on site and virtual

Regenerative Site Assessment & Design Service

Our once off site visit is a site survey that unearths a range of potentials and challenges on the site regarding  internal and surrounding dynamics that can be used to your advantage. We offer permaculture design suggestions and provide a basic report to set you on your way towards developing self-reliance in water, soil health, food, security and other elements needed to support a high quality of life.

If you are in the market for a property that you wish to use for permaculture or Self-Reliance purposes, we can advise you before purchase, of its potentials and challenges, so you do not make a costly mistake in purchasing a property that is going to be very difficult to manage and develop into your dream home. Many properties on the market have been repeatedly purchased and sold due to less than obvious issues that the buyer does not perceive at the time, which show themselves, sometimes, only years down the line.

Regenerative Water Harvesting Services

All regenerative land-use systems require a range of different water catchment, storage and use systems that enable long term water sustainability that are not technology dependent. Our designs are earthwork based, cheap to establish, easy to maintain and create a long term regenerative infrastructure to support a range of ecological production systems.

We will visit your site and assess it for its water harvesting, storage and use potentials, as well as water cycle restoration system, and suggest a range of design and management strategies that will ensure you move off the water-grid and maximise the water potential of your property towards water self-reliance.

Food Forest Design Services

Food Forests are the most productive and resilient food producing systems. Once they are established they produce a wide variety of perennial foods with very little inputs for 100’s of years into the future. We can help you design and implement food forests for any context and to any scale and budget.

We are able to help establish food forests via mentorship or directly on-site , with advice, links to resources, plant materials and follow up management.

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