Site Sustainability Assessment Service


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A very popular service is our One Day Site Visit. Here we undertake a Design Assessment and provide a detailed report, basic design map and link you to relevant resources, services, courses and networks to help you establish a sustainable ecological land use pattern on your land. We will highlight challenges and opportunities inherent in the site and give you a good indication of the viability and scale of permaculture development possible on the site.

This service involves a basic observation of key components of the landscape…

– Water

– Soils & Geology

– Topography (shape of the land)

– Vegetation types and their health

– Local Climate Patterns and their effect on the site

– Infrastructure Assessment (roads, dams, buildings, technology)

– Challenges and opportunities

– Animal impact and conservation status

– Laws and regulations surrounding and relative to your land-use plan

– Communications possibilities (how to set up off-grip Internet wireless systems, etc)

– The range of inherent disaster potentials and how to cope with them

– A basic permaculture Zone based design

– A baic water infrastructure plan

– An energy transition plan to off-grid living

– A list of relevant strategies and technologies towards establishing a sustainable land use model

– Possible economic approaches to take based upon the inherent characteristics of the land and your vision and objectives


R350 per hour for site visit

R350 per hour for writing up site visit report


R3.50 per kilometer (depending on fuel price)

Pre-Purchase Property assessment

When searching for a property to develop a sustainable lifestyle on there are certain criteria to establish beforehand that are applied to sites that you are having a look at. Many folk make common mistakes when buying land that have long-term negative impacts on the future viability of the plot as a sustainable entity. We will spend a day assessing the site for potential problematic situations and determine how easily they can be overcome and at what cost in terms of finance, energy and time. We apply a set of ecological viability criteria to the land the easily determines how suitable land is for long-term well-being and efficient sustainable development.

Some aspects that are assessed

– Water rights

– Water source points, availability and quality (this may require testing)

– Basic health of the ecosystem

– Access rights and servitudes (road access) and maintenance challenges

– Other servitude present in the title of the land that may negatively impact on quality of life

– Topographic orientation (shape of the land and lay of the land)

– Farm boundaries relative to shape of the land (some boundaries are really awkward)

– Previous land-use patterns

– Quality and viability of existing infrastructure

– Spatial arrangement of existing infrastructure relative to permaculture principles

– Neighbouring land-use activities

– Previous land use activities and their impact on future health and development of the land

– Communications potentials (access to high-speed internet/wireless) if site is rural

– Possibilities for future permaculture design

We compile a report highlighting our finding and recommendations.


R300 per hour for site visit

R300 per hour for composing site visit report


R3.20 per kilometer (depending on fuel price)


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