Regenerative Water Harvesting Services

Water Infrastructure Design: All regenerative land-use systems require a range of different water catchment, storage and use systems that enable long term water sustainability that are not technology dependent. Our designs are earthwork based, cheap to establish, easy to maintain and create a long term regenerative infrastructure to support a range of ecological production systems… The following are just some of the systems we design and help implement.

  • Keyline Design (Design system for maximum water run-off catchment and storage to enable gravity fed irrigation)
  • Keyline Earth Dams
  • Backflood Swale Dams
  • Comprehensive contour based water spreading and sinking systems using swales and subsoil ripping
  • Sand Dams and Small Diversion Weirs
  • Earth Imprinting
  • Berms and Basins, Terracing, off contour diversion of water to storage points.
  • Micro-scale homestead based earthworks to catch and infiltrate all rain water falling on and aroung your house.
  • Design of effective micro-irrigation systems for vegetable systems and food forests
  • Grey water recycling systems
  • Urban water sustainability systems that will either enable independence from or reduction in use of municipal water.



Design of Regenerative Water Harvesting & Storage Earthworks on Farm in Riversdale. The Design created capacity for the harvesting and storage of 11 million liters of water in dams and rehydrated the entire farm via swales and subsoil ripping on contour. Previous to the design the farm had no water and all water harvested is from run-off from an above ridge.




Backflood Swale Dam Design in Riversdale

Eagle Eye view

3 months after completion the dams were full and have remained full ever since


Excavating swales



Regenerating Lucerne Production Feilds with Swales and Contour Subsoiling. The field is now a sponge and has zero run-off. This enables soils to regenerate and water accumulation in soils to occur, drastically reducing irrigation requirements and providing a sustainable ground water table under the fields. The Swales will now be planted to production trees in polyculture.





Subsoiler that opens up the soil without tillage and minimum disturbance to soil profile. This pattern of ripping allows water to infiltrated deeper into the soil, pulling oxygen in with it to stimulate soil building processes in the soil.


Perfect foundation for long term regenerative agricultural systems.


Restoration of degraded land into high production potential for pasture and trees…

One Day Water Harvesting Visit

We will visit your site and spend the day assessing the landscape and property as a whole for long-term water sustainabilty in the context of your aims and objectives for the property.

Assessment Criteria

  • Site based water sources and storageĀ  such as dams, springs, boreholes, well-points and hard surface catchment options
  • Assesment of appropriateness and quality of pumping and storage technology and suggest energy efficient options if pumping technologies are inappropriate. We work in partnership with ceritified experts in off-grid and on-grid puming technologies who will be able to assist in the design of irrigation, grey water and black water processing systems and supply the highest quality equipment with the service to suit the needs of your system.
  • Assessment of the site for the development of water harvesting earthworks and the development of a interlinked eartworks such as swales, keylines, berms ad basins that will raise infiltation of water into the ground and direct excess to storage points.
  • Assessment of soil types and sample taking for the purposes of dam building
  • Assesment of topography for the placement of dams and keylines
  • Application of the National Water Act to the circumstances of the property where appropriate
  • Analysis of best placing and size of water harvesting tanks from roof surfaces
  • The layout of access roads in relation to water harvesting of landscapes
  • Erosion rehabilitation and remedial technologies
  • How to make an urban home water effcient so that you can reduce your water bill every month and if circumstances allow go completely off-grid with your own water supply



We will run the following practical sustainablity workshops in your community, at your business or on your farm to establish a range of permaculture based production infrastructure systems while generating the skills and knowledge base to manage and develop them.

Ferrocement Water Tank Workshops:Ferrocement water tanks are the cheapest and most durable way to store water in tanks… We run 5 to 8 day workshops (depending on the size of the tanks) that construct 25 000 to 50 000 water tanks from start to finish. These tanks have 3 to 4cm thick walls, are 30% of the price of plastic tanks and a fraction of the cost of other cement/mortar tank systems, are more durable and elegant to look at. Ferrocement technology is dynamic and using the methods and principles learned on the workshops tanks of up to 100 000 litres can be made.


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